My Sanctuary Journal

Sandra: “Alright, guys I would love it if you would smile. Can you do that for Mommy please?”

Molly: “Mommy, I think I have to pee.”

David: “I have to go poo poo, Mommy.”

Steve: “I can’t believe we can’t take one picture of our family without there being any problems. Come on, let’s go back into the house so you can do your businesses.”

Sandra: “It’ll be fine, Steve. Don’t get stressed out or angry with them. They’re just children after all.”

Steve: “Yup. They’re just whiny, needy little children. Maybe we’ll take a decent picture next year or whenever they’re productive human beings of this Earth instead of complete pains in my keister.”

Molly: “Daddy?”

Steve: “Yes, Molly. What is it that you want?”

Molly: “What’s a keister.”

Steve: “Butt. Keister is butt.”

David: “Mommy, I think I got poo all over my keister.”

Sandra: “Oh… Heavens.”

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